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Tommy Taylor

Personal Trainer Located in The Woodlands Texas


So along with being a fitness professional located in the Woodlands Texas that specializes in physique enhancement, Ive helped hundreds of my clients over the years get a lean toned physique without wasting time in the gym or in the kitchen!

I have also worked with several fitness celebrities and NFL athletes, as well as non-profit organizations like one here locally, We see abilities.

I also lead a fitness professional networking group in The Woodlands as well as partnered with several companies here in the Woodlands Texas.

Lastly I am a keynote speaker and have been on an extraordinary number of podcast.

My priority has always been to help people transform their mind and body.

I have a deep love for the fitness industry and helping people reach their goals while changing their lives.

I’m from Texas as well as I currently live in Texas. I have a wife and 2 kids that I love very much.

I hope to bring two things that seem to be lacking in the fitness industry, honesty and integrity. I operate my business with those morals deeply rooted with in my core values.  Above all I just want to add value to people’s lives and help encourage positive change with God at the center of it all. GOD is number 1 in my life then family and then work.


My services:

Personal Training

Online Coaching

Nutritional Coaching


Hours Available to Train with Tommy 


6am to 10am


3pm  to 7pm


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Personal Trainer Located in The Woodlands Texas



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