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Personal Trainer Woodlands Texas

Personal Trainer Woodlands Texas


Hey Tommy here,

Personal Trainer Woodlands Texas

I help Guys & Girls build a lean & toned physique by

reducing body fat & building muscle at the same time

while living the lifestyle they desire.

I take the guessing game out of the picture! 



Do you want to get a lean toned body but you just feel like your throwing darts at the wall blindfolded?



Do you feel like you have tried every diet & workout routine under the sun?



Do you feel like if you had direction or better yet a plan that you knew worked you could hit your goals with out a shadow of  a doubt?



Do you feel like every time you lose weight you end up just looking skinny vs lean or ripped?



Or… have you been working out for a while and you have hit a sticking point in your fitness and you just want to take it to the next level?





I’m here to tell you that your NOT alone in this!  



I have helped a lot of my clients over the years remove any uncertainty & instill confidence by giving them a simple and easy process to make the change  sustainable to go though a transformation without looking back! 




Check out just a few of the many written reviews of what my clients are saying about me!

” Tommy is fab..he had been working with me for almost 3 months and the results are noticeable ..I feel better too. Tommy not only trains you physically but also with diet and wellbeing.” – Ruth G.



” Tommy takes a holistic view of training. He works with clients on dietary and workout plans to achieve their physique and fitness goals. “

-Dan D.


“Awesome guy. Very helpful and knows his stuff. Very helpful with information.” – Josh H.

 ” Tommy is awesome. He’s extremely knowledgeable and great at motivating you! I already have seen success! ” – Ashley


” I joined Gold’s Gym in Jan ’14 and in the process got paired up with Tommy as my personal trainer. He asked me what my goal was and I told him I wanted to lose 30 pounds by October. Which I’m happy to say I did! But I will also say that this would not have been possible without him. He went above and beyond of what your typical trainer does. He suggested many things over our period of time together to help keep me on track and accountable. He showed me and planned out for me the exercises to do, he made nutrition suggestions, accountability suggestions and generally cared how I was doing. He pushed me to do better and to believe that I could do better. He actually cared how I was doing. He didn’t just train but guided me. He has an abundance of knowledge of exercises and weight training and he shows you how to do them. Did I mention that he cares? Because he does! It wasn’t just a quick training session and see you next time like you will find with most all other trainers, if I had a question he answered it. There are few people that I believe do what they love and are good and it however, Tommy exemplifies this. I can tell with just our short ten months together that he is doing exactly what he should be doing and that he loves it. I would seriously love to have him back as my trainer, and I would suggest him to anyone that is seeking one. You get what you pay for but with Tommy you get so much more! ” – Devon I.


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Personal Trainer Woodlands Texas




Hundreds of my clients including myself used to be in your same position. 



I used to feel like nothing I did gave me the results I wanted. 



I just wanted to get a lean toned body!… 



Deep down I just wanted to feel confident when I took my shirt off at the beach or pool. 



I wanted to feel powerful not just in the gym but in my everyday life.





I wanted to feel like the Alpha in the room, not a weak wall flower. 




I wanted my wife and kids to be proud of me. 



I wanted to lead a healthy life so I could be their for my kids later on in life. 



I just didn’t know how until I found a method that worked great for me! 


Not only me but later on when I became a coach it worked for my clients as well and it worked great! 



If you would like to hear more about my method I developed then contact me by clicking the link below that will take you to a form.



Fill that out to apply and I will contact you ASAP




Personal Trainer Woodlands Texas